Native mobile features are game changers

Take advantage of the underlying smartphone features to rocket your project.

Native Features

Natively allows you to set up many features. Pick up most suitable for your business.



In-app purchases puts your sales at the customer's fingertip, almost quite literally.

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How to set up in app purchases with Natively

Background Geolocation

Access users location and enable map usage in your app.

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How to set up background geolocation with Natively

Push Notifications


Send engaging push notifications to inspire more sales and conversions.

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Push notification with Natively


Enable measurement, analytics, engagement, and fraud protection technologies for your application.

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Enable measurement, analytics, engagement, and fraud protection technologies for your application.

Health Kit

Access and share health and fitness data while maintaining the user’s privacy and control.

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Access and share health and fitness data

Biometric authorization

Integrate biometric authorization and secure credential storage. Improve user experience and streamline login processes with our seamless integration.

Send SMS/Email screens

Send SMS and email messages through native screens on users' mobile devices. Streamline communication with your users and enhance their experience.

Date Picker

Integrate a native date picker for your brand new mobile app. Enhance user experience and simplify data input with our seamless integration.

Photo/Video Camera

Enable a native camera feature. Allow users taking photos and recording videos seamlessly.

QR/Barcode scanner

Enhance your app's functionality with a QR/barcode scanner. Simplify data input and improve the experience for your users.


Simplify contact management and improve user experience by integrating a native contacts feature. Allow users to fetch all contacts or create new ones without any hassle.

Native Toast and Banner

Enhance your app's user experience with native toast and banner notifications. These simple yet effective notifications keep your users informed about important updates, messages, and promotions without interrupting their app usage.

Share Sheet

Integrate a Share Sheet feature into your app to allow users to share photos, files, text, and URLs with ease.

In-App Browser for External URLs

Enhance your app by integrating an In-App Browser. With this integration, users can seamlessly open external URLs within your app, without having to navigate to a different browser.

Request User Reviews

Improve your app's reputation and visibility by integrating a user review request feature. Encourage your users to rate and review your app, boost your app's ratings and ranking in app stores.

Support of HTML5 Fullscreen Videos

Enhance playback functionality with HTML5 fullscreen video integration into your app. Users will enjoy a seamless and immersive video experience within your app, without having to navigate to an external player or browser.

vCARD (.vcf) File Support

Improve contact management and data input functionality with vCARD (.vcf) file handling in your app. This integration allows users easily import and export contact information in a standardized format, enhancing data accuracy and efficiency.

Click-to-Communicate Links Support

Improve communication between users and businesses with click-to-communicate functionality in your app. With this feature, you can handle tel:, sms:, and mailto: links, allowing users to easily initiate phone calls, send text messages, and compose emails without leaving the app.

Download Files

Enhance your app's functionality with seamless file download capabilities. With this integration, users can easily download files such as images, documents, and more directly from your app.

Improve UX and Brand Recognition with Custom Styles

Create a seamless and personalized user experience with features like custom launch screens, pull-to-refresh, swipe navigation, and status bar customization. Enhance brand recognition with custom app icons and status bar designs that reflect your brand's identity.

How to integrate with native features

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