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Convert your website to a mobile app fast and without coding.

Why a mobile app is an advantage?

Mobile apps complement and empower your business goals allowing you to sell more, communicate better, and build brand loyalty.


A mobile app puts your business at the customer's fingertip, literally. Instead of navigating through web pages, customers install an app and start interacting immediately and 24/7.


Mobile apps considerably transform customer experience and allows businesses to craft a unique customer journey in several ways.


A mobile app sets the perfect scene for data-driven loyalty programs. It can easily track past purchase records and automatically send customers to reward points or vouchers to use immediately.

Hardware functions

A mobile app can introduce the camera, geolocational sensor, digital wallet, and other features that are not accessible on websites.

Real-time notifications

Customers might not appreciate being hard-sell to, but they want to be in the loop for deals. With a mobile app, businesses can quickly implement push or in-app notifications to sell more.

Reduce costs

A mobile app automates various parts of business processes. Instead of relying on front-facing staff, customers can browse, compare, order, and track the shipment of products within the app.

How it works

Follow our step-by-step guide to building native apps without coding.

Set up appearance

Choose the name, launch screen, app icon, brand colors, etc.

2 min

Integrate native features

Set up many native features - push notifications, in-app purchases, geolocation, deep links and more.

5 min

Release your app

Test and download your build to publish on App Store and Google Play.

7 min

Why Natively?

Briefly, you can publish your website to the App Store and Google Play without spending thousand of dollars hiring developers.

Android & iOS in record time

Save months and years' worth of time & resources. You will reach your mobile-fist audience the next day.

Release guarantee

We provide special terms and warranties for App Store and Google Play acceptance.

Сontent synchronization

Update your content anytime without rebuilds. Changes immediately appear in your native app.

Pay after testing your app

You can easily test your app on a real device before buying, using Preview mode.

Power your app with mobile-friendly features

Native mobile features are a game-changer for businesses. Follow Natively Documentation to enable them with Java Script SDK.


Check out our mobile apps that trump websites in personalization, capability, and more.

Receipt Cat

Receipt Cat is an effortless expense and income tracker for your small business.

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receipt cat  - mobile app converted with Natively - short
gewusst logo - mobile app converted with Natively

An informative and always up-to-date Germany-wide business directory known in many regions of Germany.

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gewusst - mobile app converted with Natively - short
Plannly logo - Native Mobile App created with Natively web to app converter

Plan better with Plannly,
the intelligent health and wellness program that adapts to your life changes

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Plannly Native Mobile App created with Natively web to app converter

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