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Roman Furman Natively Founder

Roman Furman

Co-Founder & CEO/CTO
Roman is an ideologist of Natively. Started as an iOS software engineer in 2017 and co-founded ventures that push innovation: "At Natively, we've transcended conventional norms by building a no-code platform within another no-code platform".
Andrii Bas Natively Founder

Andriy Bas

Co-Founder & CPO/COO
Andrii has over 10 years of hands-on experience in programming and launching digital products. For Andrii, Natively isn't just about speed — it's about democratizing innovation: "By eliminating barriers, we empower teams to bring ideas to life swiftly, seizing opportunities."
Tetiana Kondratieva Natively Marketing

Tetiana Kondratieva

Co-Founder, CMO
Tetiana is Natively's go-to expert for all things marketing and strategy: "Natively is your secret ingredient to develop innovative strategies for quickly and effectively bringing your ideas to life, leveling the playing field, and fostering rapid growth."
Victor Magdaliuc Natively Engineer

Victor Magdaliuc

Software Engineer & Support Manager
Victor is the technical heart of Natively, ensuring its development, updates, and seamless operation. His expertise and dedication keep the platform running smoothly, driving continuous innovation and growth. With Viktor at the helm of technology, Natively remains at the cutting edge.
Mariia Fartushnyak Natively SMM

Mariia Fartushnyak

Marketing Specialist
Mariia brings creativity and strategic insight to our digital presence.If you follow our social media, you've probably laughed at the memes she's made. Mariia's ability to adapt to changing trends drives brand awareness and fosters meaningful connections with our audience.
Victor Magdaliuc Natively Engineer

Vladyslav Dehtiariov

Software Engineer
Vladyslav, our accomplished Bubble team lead, stands at the forefront of our development endeavors.  Vladyslav's commitment to excellence is evident in his strategic approach to leveraging Bubble's capabilities for optimal Natively outcomes.

What clients say about Natively

Natively User Alex Dow
Alex Dow Agency Founder
"The steps are really easy to follow and they have great documentation for custom native features like push notifications and in-app purchases. I highly recommend using Natively as it's more cost efficient and works perfectly every time.”
Idir Bechar Natively User
Idir Bechar
"Despite not being a developer, I found the process surprisingly straightforward. If you're contemplating whether BuildNatively is the right solution for you, let me assure you it certainly is.”
Roderick Smith Natively User
Roderick Smyth
Serial entrepreneur
"The documentation is step by step in great detail so no way to get lost even for a beginner. The app deployed successfully and was approved quickly. I'm not sure I'd like to be in competition with these guys - they set the bar high!”
Ben A. Natively user
Ben. A
"Really innovative features and very responsive support. The mobile elements they provide it top-notch! Using Natively can shave months off the app creation process. I appreciate the great work these guys do!”
Julie Natively User
Team Lead
"Natively is really great. The wrapping process itself is super simple and the documentation is perfect. We had an app that was already wrapped and the transfer was very easy.”
Natively User Tobias
No code developer
"Been using The BDK for about a year. Switched to Build Natively, and they're significantly better in every way: Automatic build and export to App Store Connect, great docs, more reliable features, and much better support. Highly recommended!”

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