Frequently asked questions

What is Natively?

How Natively differs from other converters?

What is a build?

Is Natively only for SPA (single page app)?

What's the difference between a website and a mobile app?

Will all my website’s functionalities will be working in the app?

How will my native application look?

What do I need to create my app?

Do I need a developer account on App Store/Google Play?

What websites can I convert with Natively?

What is Preview mode?

How will I receive my application?

Can I hire someone to integrate Natively for me?

What native features do you have?

How to integrate native features?

I’ve never setup push notifications. Is there a resource on how to integrate push notifications, like the video example shows?

Do you support for GPS tracking?

I don't see a feature that is very important for my application.

How do you handle all in-app purchase operations?

How much does a mobile app build cost?

Why is Natively cheaper than other converters?

How to change my subscription?

What happens to the app if we decide to unsubscribe?

Do I need a developer account on App Store/Google Play?

Do I need to share access to my Apple / Google developer account?

What if Apple / Google will reject my app?

Do I need a rebuild and release every time I make changes to the web?

Do I need to rebuild my app to get new features from the update?

Can I get help with the App Store/Google Play release or Natively setup?

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