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healthcare, wellness or fitness apps

How to build healthcare, wellness, or fitness  apps with Natively

build healthcare, wellness, fitness app with Natively - start

Connect your website

Enter your website URL, app name, icon, images, and brand colors. Choose smartphone features you want to enable.

build healthcare, wellness, fitness app with Natively - test

Test your new app

Test main functionality and native features - push notifications, in-app purchases, location, universal links, etc.

build healthcare, wellness, fitness app with Natively - release

Release on App Stores

Download your build to publish your healthcare app on the App Store and Google Play.

Natively works with any website

Whether you’re using Bubble, Webflow, Wix, Tilda, WordPress, or Shopify, you can easily convert your site into a mobile app.

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artificial intelligence
Natively App Tutor Lily logo

Tutor Lily: AI Language Tutor

Become fluent in a second language by practicing real-life conversations with a friendly AI companion, who corrects and explains all your mistakes!Struggling to learn a new language? Become fluent now by having engaging real-life conversations with a friendly AI companion, powered by ChatGPT! With Tutor Lily, you can practice speaking a new language at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want.

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Tutor Lily. Web to App converted with Natively
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Evo Signals

Evo Signals: Connect, Learn, Advance. Welcome to Evo, the exclusive community guiding you in the world of forex. Receive real-time market updates, make informed decisions, and advance at your own pace. Follow us and discover a new way to understand forex!

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Evo Signal. Web to app converted with Natively
artificial intelligence
Natively app Fitside

Fitside - Personal Trainer App

Fitside is an AI powered personal trainer app that will work as a pro diet and workout coach to reform your health and fitness journey.If you are looking for a body fitness app or gym companion packed with personalized body fitness and weight loss workout advices along with daily meal planner or meal guide, then this app is for you.

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Fitside. Web to app converted with Natively

Check out 800+ apps created with Natively

Natively created plenty of healthcare and wellness apps

With Natively, you can build healthcare, wellness, and fitness apps such as telemedicine platforms, fitness trackers, meditation guides, diet and nutrition planners, and personal health record systems.
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healthcare, wellness, fitness app with natively - impact

How Natively works for healthcare

According to the research, a mobile app for your healthcare, sports, and fitness business can lead to improvements across various metrics.

+40% Customer Satisfaction Score. Provide undeniable convenience and a higher level of personalization.

+ 80% User Acquisition. Bring more mobile-first and mobile-only users from the App Store and Google Play.

2x Time Saving. Automation and optimized workflows free time by sparing users from scheduling, fulfilling forms, etc.

Table of Contents
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Figma has become a household name in the UIUX community. Being a truly browser-first product (not just storage in the cloud - no installation, no patching, no updates) and with highly collaborative features that no other player could think of or execute, Figma emerged as the clear market leader.

You can design anything on Figma – from a cool logo to native apps and much more. But design is just the beginning of building a world-class product. You need to bring your product to life by actually building it - Writing the damn code!

That’s where comes in. While Figma is enough to get the ball rolling, even takes it further by enabling anyone with a Figma design to get high-quality, pixel-perfect code. Hence, accelerating the building process – with minimal time and a shallow learning curve, builders can now quickly and easily go from Figma to code.

Validating an idea? Revamping your UI? The Locofy plugin puts Figma on steroids by taking your idea from design to websites and app.

Locofy takes your design through various stages and eventually deploys it on a provider of your choice (Netlify, Vercel).

Zero Friction

We have made it very easy for builders to use Locofy. We are a Figma plugin (Adobe XD & Sketch support coming soon) and completely brower-based tool. You can use your existing tech & design stacks to transform Figma to code.

Locofy is built by creators for creators and therefore, we understand designers & creators need flexibility and choices. Hence, Locofy provides a plethora of tools and options, not present in vanilla Figma, to accelerate your design to code journey.

Moreover, Locofy plugin offers a comprehensive collection of components such as buttons, inputs and dropdowns from all the top UI libraries namely Material, Chakra UI, Bootstrap and Ant Design, easing the process of designing while offering high flexibility & choices as you take your project from Figma to code.

AI Powered

Locofy converts your design components into the apt code by the help of something called “Tags”. Tags are essentially types that you can assign to components so Locofy can create proper code for them.

Tagging allows you to turn static layers on your Figma design files into interactive functional buttons, input fields, videos, iFrames and more. Locofy plugin uses AI to scan your design and recommends tags, so you can quickly tag all the components and go from Figma to code in astronomical speeds.

View Code & Digest Dynamic Data

Locofy Builder doesn’t restrict engineers from creating apps that rely on a server or database for data.

Using it, developers can create websites & apps that can digest dynamic content by allowing them to split their design into functional components that accept props, much like you do in an actual code base, only this time it is easier, faster and much more visual.

Additionally, you can also just export the selected components you need without exporting the entire source code. These components can easily be plugged into your project and follow best industry practices so you don’t have to spend time refactoring and cleaning it!

Moreover, you also get access to the code files even before exporting in the Builder so you can monitor live changes to your code as you create components and accept props.

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Native mobile features are a game-changer for healthcare, wellness, fitness 

Location Tracking

You can use the location feature in your healthcare and wellness app to find nearby healthcare providers, locate fitness centers, track outdoor workouts, provide emergency services based on user location, and offer region-specific health advice or wellness events.

Location tracking for web app
Puch notifications icon

Push Notifications

Keep your users engaged and informed with push notifications powered by OneSignal. Send targeted messages directly to users' devices to notify them about new content, promotions, or important updates, enhancing user engagement and retention.

Push notifications with One Signal and Natively
AppsFlyer logoFacebook logo


Gain valuable insights into user behavior and app performance with comprehensive analytics tools from AppsFlyer and Facebook. Track key metrics, analyze user interactions, and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to optimize your app's performance and drive growth.

Mobile app analytics with Facebook, AppsFlyer and Natively
RevenueCat logo

In-App Purchases

Monetize your mobile apps with in-app purchases seamlessly integrated through RevenueCat. Maximizing revenue opportunities and providing value to your users.

Apple Pay for your app with Natively
Firebase logo

Universal Links

Direct users to specific content or actions within your app directly from web links, improving user engagement and conversion rates.

Universal links for your app with Natively
Google logoFacebook logoiphone app logoK logo

Social Auth

Allow users to sign in with their preferred social accounts, reducing friction during the onboarding process and enhancing user convenience and security.

Social login for your app with Natively
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Why Natively is the best way to build healthcare, wellness, or fitness apps

Natively takes healthcare app development to a new level, allowing publishing to the App Store and Google Play without spending thousands of dollars hiring developers.


Transform your healthcare website into iOS and Android apps quickly and easily with our platform, using just a few clicks.

healthcare Web to app with Natively


Personalize your healthcare, wellness, or fitness apps to reflect your brand identity with our custom branding options.


Use an easy interface that helps you convert your website to a mobile app smoothly, even if you're not very tech-savvy.

Natively healthcare web to app. Interface


Get help through our documentation, tutorials, Discord community, and support experts.

healthcare Website to app. Support

What users say about Natively

Natively User Alex Dow
Alex Dow Agency Founder
"The steps are really easy to follow and they have great documentation for custom native features like push notifications and in-app purchases. I highly recommend using Natively as it's more cost efficient and works perfectly every time.”
Idir Bechar Natively User
Idir Bechar
"Despite not being a developer, I found the process surprisingly straightforward. If you're contemplating whether BuildNatively is the right solution for you, let me assure you it certainly is.”
Roderick Smith Natively User
Roderick Smyth
Serial entrepreneur
"The documentation is step by step in great detail so no way to get lost even for a beginner. The app deployed successfully and was approved quickly. I'm not sure I'd like to be in competition with these guys - they set the bar high!”
Ben A. Natively user
Ben. A
"Really innovative features and very responsive support. The mobile elements they provide it top-notch! Using Natively can shave months off the app creation process. I appreciate the great work these guys do!”
Julie Natively User
Team Lead
"Natively is really great. The wrapping process itself is super simple and the documentation is perfect. We had an app that was already wrapped and the transfer was very easy.”
Natively User Tobias
No code developer
"Been using The BDK for about a year. Switched to Build Natively, and they're significantly better in every way: Automatic build and export to App Store Connect, great docs, more reliable features, and much better support. Highly recommended!”

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